•                                       Golden Water Vision


    Our vision is to be a leading corporation in our core businesses by providing products and services of superior values and by sustaining consistent long term growth in volume & profitability.



    Golden Water shall strive to achieve responsible success by not only satisfying our customer's needs, but also providing rewarding & fulfilling careers to our people. We believed our people are our strength.



    The continued success of our company depends on the quality & effective team work of our people in pursuit of our common vision, values, aspiration and destiny as a whole family. Golden Water will perform its very best to ensure every of our customers achieve their financial freedom through property investment.

  •                          Golden Water Mission

    Our mission is to be a leading corporation in our core business by providing products and sevices of superior values and by sustaining consistent long term growth in volume and wealth creation. 


    We shall strive to achieve responsible success by satisfying our customers needs, giving maximize return to our valued customers towards their investment goals, providing rewarding careers to our people as we always believed people are our strength, cultivating mutually beneficial relationship with our business associaties ,  caring for the society and the environment in which we operate, and contributing towards the progress of our nation. 



    In summary, we undertakes :-



    - to provide superior customer services and satisfy customers needs through a culture of excellence


    -to be a caring and responsible employer


    -to be mindful of our social responsiblities

  •                                       Golden Water Characteristic



    1.  Mature Investment Experience


    Australian based Golden Water's core investment model comes from real investment case studies and past experience for over 20 years. It was built based on numerous experience on gain/losses, and finally we had refine & sublimatean investment system that benefited our potential investors.  Based on different types of return on investment (ROI) and holding cost, our investors always encourage to use a variety type of investment portfolio such as apartments, houses, townhouses, offices and shops in order to avoid systemic risk and hence generated combined income, help & support investors to hold property portfolio for a longer period to maximize profits and achieve financial freedom.



    2. Selection of premium projects


    The professional project team of the company will analyse hundred of projects in Australia into database, coupled with CoreLogic data analysis and valuable experience of investment experts with more than 20 years of experience.  The company takes responsibility to derive an investment analysis report for every single projects to provide the best market investment starategy portfolios for investors.



    3. Dedicated Team Spirit


    Golden Water has a group of dedicated and experience investment experts who are highly sensitive to policies and market movements. We provide investors with different investment solution and professional analysis according to individual's financial strength and capabilities to build their own portfolio.



    4.  Seminar


    Golden Water's ultimate goal is to cultivate our customers to become professional and smart investors.  Through our continous investment seminars, case studies, exchange opinions, Golden Water not only providing value added services to investors but also giving a platform for progressing and growth together.