Beginning of 2017 - Establishment of Company
Golden Water was established in 2017 as a Australian based one stop property investment company. Golden Water's headquarter is situated at Boxhill, Melbourne, Victoria. Golden Water's mission is:-

Now is Customer

3 years become friends & 7 years become family members

Year 2017 - Progress of Company
Golden Water and Australian based developer, Longriver Group has in 2017 singed a long term strategic plan for their much- anticipated launch of East Central Tower project.  Longriver Group at the same time, has granted the Sole Dealership to Golden Water for their sales of East Central Tower.

Year 2018 - Upstreaming


Since its inception, Golden Water has established a strong brand presence in Australia which synonymous with quality, reliability and value creation.  For its first year of operation, the company has successfully achieved an annual sales of approximately A$110 million. Moreover, the company also managed to organise few big seminars and events to feed our priority customers with first hand property news and updated property knowledge.

Year 2019 - Vision of Future


In order to emphasis the concept of <Propert +>, Golden Water undertakes to deliver sustainable value to our priority customer in accordance to their special needs & wants.  Golden Water always provide our customers with relevant informations such as loan financing, property management services, home ownership insurance & etc in order to build life long relationship and wealth accumulation to our valued customers.