Golden Water Real Estate Group ("GW") is an Australian based one stop property investment service company, it also provide personalised consultation services to cater customer's unique needs and wants.


GW aim on selection of high quality projects across the state with main objective to assist our customers on their right investment path. Nevertheless, GW also organise VIP project launching, investment seminar and talk to update our valued customer on market movement and opportunities.


GW mission is :- Now is customer

3 years become friend and 7 years becomes family members


Our experienced team of consultant will always take care your investment needs, assist our potential customers in minimise their investment risk while maximize their rewarding returns.  Our team will become your greatest supporter and work hand in hand to provide our customers an effective and efficient investment strategy.


At GW, our professional consultant will also assist valued customers in their global investment, ensure clients in stability investment condition and  wealth accumulation.


We dedicated to help our customer to build a strategic, diversified investment portfolio. And also make  sure every single customer able to establish their investment portfolio in a specific period.


At GW, we provide various investment  portfolio such as completed houses completed townhouses, off the plan houses and townhouse as well as apartment in different suburbs.