• Successful TIPS


    1. Invest in only ONE property is not realistic. You may invest more than 3 or 4 properties according to your financial standing and capabilities. This will accelerate you in early retirement planning.


    2. Invest in high quality and lifestyle living brand new properties that offer your better rental returns, allow greater tax deduction/ negative gearing and better holding power.


    3. Low initial deposit of 10%. The low deposit of 10% will ease your financial burden. Furthermore purchase off the plan properties give you sufficient time to do strategic financial planning prior to settlement. The settlement period for different types of properties as follow:-


    Apartment- 18 months to six years


    Townhouse- Within 10 to 15 months


    House- Within 7 to 18 months


    4. Always make full use of bank leverage in your investment planning


    • For shophouse and offices, the geographic location requirements are particularly high as compared to residential.